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There are many types of vinyl siding you can choose from for the exterior of your home or business. We at J N J PAINTING & MORE provide you with home improvement services such as installation of vinyl siding over wood, exterior painting, aluminum capping for windows, aluminum flashing, installation of new vinyl siding, and even to vinyl siding repairs. Siding not only provides a new look to your home, its also brings up the value of your home, provides year long insulation, and durability without it fading, is maintenance free, and is much more cost effective.

Gutter installation, gutter repairs, and gutter cleaning. Maintaining your gutter system on your property is not only crucial but important to keeping the water flow away from your home or business. Debris, leaves, twigs, and other sediments may clog up your gutters and direct the water into your home causing unwanted damages. Let us be your gutter and siding installers to keep your home protected all year long.